Take action to protect amphibians.

You can help protect and conserve amphibians! Explore the everyday actions that you can take to help save these imperiled animals. Listed below each action are the major threats that you are helping combat.

Reduce your use of chemicals

Reduce your use of or don't use pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers on your lawn.

Reduce your use of road salt and consider alternatives.

Conserve and protect clean water

Properly dispose of medicines and chemicals – don't flush them. 
Conserve water so there's enough to go around.

Protect or Create Habitat

If you live in an area with a lot of natural habitat, you can help local organizations protect that land and water. But, if you live somewhere more urban, you can create your own backyard habitat for amphibians with recommendations from the experts, like the NWF Garden for Wildlife program

Don’t release your pets into the wild

Pet species can be invasive, carry diseases, and hurt native populations and ecosystems.

Stop the spread of invasive species

If you’re out fishing or recreating, don’t release game fish or bait.

Clean up your equipment when moving between water bodies in case anything is trying to hitch a ride.

Support policies and legislation that help amphibians

Sign up for alerts from local or national conservation nonprofits to know when and what to write to your government representatives.

Get involved in community science

Amphibian researchers need your help to collect data! Volunteer with national initiatives or local organizations such as AZA's Frogwatch to keep track of frog populations or your local “bucket brigade” to help salamanders cross the roads safely. 

Climate Change

Support and volunteer for conservation organizations

There are many wonderful nonprofits working to protect amphibians on the ground and you can help support them with your time, talents, or treasure.

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